“I made so much money and I spent it all… and I don’t feel any happier.”

Jessica was exhausted.

On paper she was successful, but on the inside she felt stressed out, anxious, and resentful.

Her business was earning a healthy 1/4 million dollars, but the energy it took to sustain it all was taking a toll. She was paying a whole team of consultants, assistants, and coaches, so she ended up seeing only a portion of what the business actually earned. The strategies she believed she needed to grow her business were sucking the life out of her. Copywriting, sales funnels, and Facebook ads had created some measure of success in her business, but at what cost?

She felt burned out and obligated to her business, constantly anxious, and couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that if she slowed down or stopped everything would fall apart.

On top of all of this she was deeply resentful in her marriage from carrying too much of the emotional and financial burden too much of the time. Her sex life had dried up – she rarely felt like she was getting the slowness and sensuality that she craved.

The parts of herself that Jessica confronted were not pretty, but she was fed up with her addiction to struggle. She was ready for change.

In her commitment to 100% self-honesty she began to see the deeply codependent ways she mothered and caretook her husband. She also started to see that her workload was just self-imposed a strategy to keep her from taking an honest look at how fearful and burned out she actually felt.

Through deep somatic work in our coaching, as well as with a partner organization I sent her to to complement our work, Jessica began to heal and permanently release the layers of fear, anger, and self-mistrust that had been running her life from behind the scenes. As she did, the childhood innocence she’d long ago locked away began to return, and so did the creativity and inner wellbeing that came with it.

A vision for her business, one that truly turned her on began to emerge.

It was simple and elegant, free from the financial and energetic cost of hiring and managing an unwieldy team. Within less than a year she began to let go of her team, dramatically re-designed her offerings, and is now generating the same amount… but with no overhead. With the extra energy and money she has she’s traveling to numerous exotic locations around the world every year, trusting that the

Her boundaries in her partnership became clear and firm, and together she and her husband made the mutual decision to dissolve their marriage in a healthy way and step forward on their paths as individuals. She is now seeing a man who is secure in his financial situation and effortlessly embodies strong masculinity AND emotional depth.

All of this from the single choice that Jessica allowed herself to make: To let things be easeful.