Robert Raphael Schwenkler

The World Needs Your Anger!

Written by on January 23, 2018

The world around you is starving for your anger.

Not your closed hearted anger, the kind you use to dump the pain you aren’t willing to feel yourself onto the people around you, but your TRUTH.

The part of you that says “THIS IS NOT OK WITH ME! This closure, this passing on of fear, trauma, and pain is not ok with me. I am not willing to settle for your closed heart. My truest heart demands all of your truest heart, and I am no longer willing to sit by and say or do nothing about it.”

Your anger is beautiful, pure, potent – and the world around you is starving for it.

Open Your Heart. Ignite Your Leadership.

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  • Perrin Randlette

    Thank you Bob!
    I NEEDED to hear this today, working with some grumpy people this morning, and saw how when I don’t show them my anger… THEY STILL FEEL IT! If I am not showing them my heart, and thats a small abandonment. I love them so much, Im willing to show my heartbreak. So…. I shall use the fire-y knife of love! So good! I want to wield my fiery knife of love with wisdom… and be true to myself and be true to them. thanks for doing your own good work! and sharing!

    • Perrin, yes! Show us your heart, please.

      I’m glad this was just what you needed to hear.