Robert Raphael Schwenkler

Why We Do What We Do

Written by on July 13, 2018

Every single action (or inaction) in your life is driven by a feeling.

In my personal and professional experience most of us are not fully in tune with the whole palette of our emotional experience. Not anywhere near to it.

These are forces that are not visible from the surface but the currents they create are deep and potent.

It is only when we slow down enough to drop beneath the thinking and the drive to keep moving forward that we begin to witness the forces which are -actually- shaping our lives.

Always these deeper forces are ones that we are terrified to confront. Yet, at the same time, on some level, our bodies yearn for it.

We thirst for the elixir that will truly nourish us on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, and oftentimes we will settle for anything that has some (oftentimes twisted) appearance of it.

Work. Sex. Money. Love. Cars. Homes. Drugs. Alcohol. Video games. Coffee. Sugar. Food. Self abuse and victimization. Other abuse and victimization. Apathy. Anxiety. Religion. Social circles. Our own thoughts.

We all have extremely compelling narratives that would suggest we look elsewhere than into our feeling bodies. To place the responsibility for an experience on someone else. To keep driving forward. To seek out bypassy versions of spirituality and personal growth. To not look any deeper. To not feel what we’d have to feel if we got present to our deeper truth.

Beneath the surface lies a fear that so often drives our actions, our relationships, our businesses, our lives.

Yes, there is an even deeper truth than fear. It is love. But to the extent that we are unwilling to fully press our bodies into the sensation of stored emotional pain, anger, and fear (which are already running our lives anyway) we will constrict access to that truest essence.

Do you know what is -truly- driving your life?

Are you certain that it is what it appears to be?

These thoughts were inspired by a powerful session with a potential new client. She is an embodiment of courage… willing to surrender to the untamable and not-controllable nature of her inner emotional landscape, and come out the other side more aligned, more at peace, and more free.

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