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Man Up 2.0 – A Men’s Personal Growth Intensive

We Promise Just One Thing: You Will Leave a Changed Man

Man Up 2.0 – A Men’s Personal Growth Intensive

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Nobody handed us a roadmap to happiness and fulfillment when we were born.

We go along in life doing what we thought we should… for family, for career, for ourselves. But at some point we begin to wake up to the truth:

Money & Career

We hustle around the racetrack of money and career.

Some of us find financial and career success, but are left with a hollow sense of satisfaction.

Some of us have been searching for that elusive sense of success. We struggle on for years, never quite getting the right job, right salary, or break.

A vague sense of unfulfillment, that “there should be something more,” underscores your life.

Intimate Relationship

We go through the motions in our most cherished relationships

Years of familiarity leave us in the rut of routine. Our passion dwindles and is replaced by restlessness, boredom, or quiet resentment.

Before we know it we may find ourselves doubting if we’re even supposed to be with this person anymore.

Mission & Purpose

We end up unmotivated and uninspired by our life.

We feel like we’re just getting by. Same stuff. Different day.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the that energy of youth, or have you simply resigned yourself to middle-aged mediocrity?

How Did I Get Here?

Our parents raised us with the best of intentions, but most of the lessons we learned from them have NOT given us the promised land of happiness and fulfillment.

Our parents passed on the same unconscious fears, patterns, and wounding that their parents passed onto them.

Modern men have few resources to guide them to what really matters: A heart centered and powerful vision for our lives – one we feel through our whole body that compels us passionately forward.

If you’re reading this you’re a man who realizes that the life you’ve created is not working for you.

Your heart is calling for more. Maybe quietly. Maybe loudly.

Ask Yourself the Following…

If you died before you met your grandchildren, what stories would they tell about you?

  • Would they reflect a man who lived life halfway, taking the “easy” route… Who allowed life circumstance to dictate the course of his life?
  • Or would they recall you as the powerfully open hearted man you truly want to be… Who took control and lived a passionate, fulfilling life – one with no regrets?

You WILL pass a legacy on to the people you love the most… To your family, children, friends, and beyond. The only question is what will it be?

  • One of complacency and self doubt?
  • Or will you leave a legacy of courage, truth, authenticity, and passion?

Discover what it takes to forge a deep sense of personal mission that can confidently guide you through the turbulent waters of career, relationship, and romance.

One that not only pulls you forward, but fills you with purpose and excitement.

This is your chance to take the next powerful step forward into your legacy.

Your Guides


Bob leads men’s workshops internationally and has helped private clients from across 3 continents to triple their revenue, re-kindle the passion in their relationships, and find deep levels of inner peace.

Many of his clients have achieved extraordinary success in past lives as Army Sniper Instructors, Hollywood Directors, and private yoga instructors to Saudi Arabian Princes. What they all hold in common is a commitment to live in full alignment with their deepest life purpose.


I unleash men.

I support men to write their own story. By discovering what’s been in the way of living authentically, clients find courage they didn’t know they had and power they didn’t know was available.

Clients come to me feeling they need to change who they are to be happier. They walk away more themselves than ever before.

What if you had instant access to your deepest wisdom in every moment?

Intimate Relationship and Sex

  • Approach relationship challenges with a wide open heart
  • Be the most attractive and authentic version of yourself
  • Access your natural sexual confidence on demand
  • Unlock sexual desire in your partner
  • Deepen intimacy in any moment
  • Create richer, more fulfilling relationships and sexual experiences (for yourself AND your partner)

Money and Career

  • Create greater success than you thought possible without working harder than you do now.
  • Find ease around your finances – The true gift of freedom
  • Express your whole self and find more satisfaction in your work
  • Reconnect to your early enthusiasm and energy
  • Feel valued for the difference you make through your work
  • Be confident in getting paid what you’re worth

Life Purpose and Legacy

  • Create a powerful vision for the man you want to be
  • Get clarity on what’s between you and your destiny
  • Map out crystal clear, actionable steps to move forward
  • Cultivate a community of authentic, growth oriented men like you
  • Tap into unshakable confidence and power

Clients Say…


I’ve lost the feelings of inadequacy and fear.

All because I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I knew when I was over my head and when to seek help. I have restored confidence in my personal power and handle all situations with confidence. Even my co-workers have commented on how much more self aware and secure I seem.

–  Jim F.


I’ve discovered I am more than enough in any given situation.

I have always felt that I was somehow the “other”. Not strong enough, fast enough, handsome enough, smart enough. I stumbled into marriage, fatherhood, and middle age and I still wasn’t worthy enough.

Working with Charlie I’ve entered a world of possibility. I discovered that I am enough. I am more than enough in any given situation. I am not perfect, but simply enough. This simple realization has made me a better husband, father, and man. My sensitivity that before had no value, is in fact my super power. I am now a much more present spouse and father. I am much more open and transparent to those around me.

Once I decided to take the wheel in my life, my path is set. By me.

–  Jeff Crawford

Introducing Man Up 2.0

This full day men’s intensive will not be the surface level conversation you have with your buddies over a game and a beer.

It is for men who are committed to authenticity and integrity.

Uncover the hidden gaps that hold you back from the life you want and then take powerful action to become the man you’re called to be.

You will walk away with a permanent shift in the most important areas of your life. The more you’re willing to bring ALL of yourself to the the day the more value you’ll walk away with.

This workshop is for men who:

  • Are ready for a breakthrough in the state of their career, relationship, or life
  • Want to squeeze the juice out of the orange of life
  • Are ready to stop doing it all alone
  • Are tired of “more of the same”
  • Want to connect other authentic Seattle-based men
  • Are READY to move confidently forward into the next chapter of life

Here’s what you get when you register for Man Up 2.0:

  • A full day of world class coaching – designed specifically for men living an authentic life
  • The benefit of our combined thousands of hours of experience coaching men across the globe
  • A clear, concrete action plan to apply post-workshop in the most important areas of your life
  • A healthy and delicious lunch
  • Instant access to a community of Seattle based men just like you

Private clients pay upward of $400 per hour to work with us. This full day, 6 hour workshop costs under half that.

There is transformational power in standing shoulder to shoulder with of a group of likeminded men. High achievers know that the key to lasting success is surrounding themselves with a winning team.

Taking place at a beautiful studio on Bainbridge Island from 12-6 on Saturday April 15, 2017.

Our Guarantee

If you’ve read this far some part of you yearns to step into the version of the man you want to be. Right now we want to make a promise to you that if you choose to attend this workshop YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. We are 110% confident in our work.

To prove it we will back your financial investment in this workshop with a 110% Money Back Guarantee.

If by the end of the day you’ve participated fully in this workshop and you still don’t feel you’ve gotten what you paid for we will give you your money back and MORE.

After coaching hundreds of men from around the globe we are THAT confident in the quality of our work.

We’re committed to you having your life the way you want it. This is an invitation to step into that life.

Register before Midnight on 4/1 to get $40 off your registration. Click below and enter the code earlybirdman.

P.S. As coaches we have spoken to hundreds of men from all parts of the world. The most common thread we see is that our thinking alone gets us nowhere. Action is the catalyst to change. No exceptions.

Same choices same results. This is your chance to do things differently.

Your transformation begins the moment you commit to yourself – The moment you register. This is your chance to step boldly forward into the life your heart has been calling for.

And again, register before Midnight on 4/1 to get your $40 discount using the code earlybirdman.


Coaching with Charlie has been perhaps the most profound journey I have taken in my life.

Working with Charlie has set me upon a path that I didn’t realize I needed to walk, that I didn’t know existed, and I now realize has been perhaps the most profound journey I have taken in my life.

Things have really changed. I have reached a place where I am comfortable with myself. I am happy now, not because “now” is perfect, but the power to change my experience lays inside me. And that is a very powerful place to be.
I take better care of myself. I have established healthy boundaries. I have to started believe all the great things my friends say about me. I am now living a life founded in intent. I set myself up for success. I have the tools to succeed, and I use them.

Perhaps the biggest gift I have given myself is the ability to just BE. The strength to just BE is a powerful gift, and it is a gift I would have never found had I not started to work with Charlie.

–  Luca Rattazzi


We’ve laughed more in the last 6 months than we had in the last 6 years.

6 months ago we were contemplating divorce, now we’re talking about starting a family. We don’t get stuck like we did before, we’re making decisions together, not individually. Things happen seamlessly and without much effort.

There’s a lot more grace to understand each other and laugh about our differences. It’s been really refreshing to get back everything that we put into coaching and more!

–  Mike and Lauren

Still not sure if Man Up 2.0 is right for you? Have questions? We would love to hear from you! Click here to contact us.