Robert Raphael Schwenkler

What I Learned From Having Authentic Money Conversations with 50 Different People

Written by on September 26, 2016

Posted in: Business, Money

Recently I was challenged to have 50 separate conversations about money with people in my community. I took up the challenge, and within a couple months I’d had an incredible variety of conversations and experiences with people… all centered around the topic of money.

Some of the insights, inner shifts, and outer shifts that I have had during and since that period of time have been powerful and life changing.

In this video I share the most important of all of them with you.

Here’s to health, wealth, and happiness.

Reach out to me here if you’d like a copy of the 20 questions I mention in the video.

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  • Peter Rubin

    Bob, congrats on completing your 50 money interviews! I was touched by your vulnerability and curiosity about the many layers of your relationship with money, and the takeaways you distilled The question you ask about what if you had to live with the same money situation for 10 years is profound, and I’ll be pondering this myself. Along with the self-worth piece. Much love. Now go buy a day with me 😉

    • Peter, thank you for your reflections as well as for sharing your top insights. Lots of love.

  • loved the question about “if i knew it would take 10 years for me to reach [desired financial reality], how would i treat myself & feel about myself in those interim 10 years?”

    • Thanks for sharing your takeaway Steve. That was a powerful one for me too. It really reflected back to me the places where I still don’t love myself for who I am where I’m at.