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How to Become a Leader

Written by on April 24, 2014


Something really important changed for me last night.

My body released something that’s been with me for a long, long time. It feels like it’s been with me since I was just a couple months old.

I’m so thankful for the amazing group of people that held the space to make this possible. It was an ongoing class that I didn’t choose to take this time around, but I was invited to the Men’s Night last night. I went.

When I got there I felt in my body what I had to do and the fear came up swift and strong. That familiar fear of change from what is old. I sat with it and payed deep attention to my body and came into a trance that I’ve been waiting to enter since I was a baby. Through tears, through tremors, through the heat of my own body it’s been set free.

I’m clearer now. Calmer. The tension in my throat is still wanting to work its way back in but the space and openness that I now know to be possible are what’s taking its place.

What’s possible now that I don’t have this emotional burden to carry anymore?

We’ll get to find out together.

Know that your fear of feeling is what’s holding you back from your most undreamable dreams.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Feeling emotions hasn’t killed you yet, right?

But they will if you don’t let them out. They’ll kill your heart, your soul, your passion. For some, even the body will die from the pain of a fire so powerful, yet locked up so deep and far down.

Your pain is beautiful. I want you to know it and love it, because it is a part of you. You weren’t born with it but you have taken it on as your companion, your guide, until you have the courage to set it free once again and let that fire burn high up inside of you and fill your whole body all the way out to the tips of your toes and fingers and up out the top of your head. Everytime you speak it will blaze forth and light the way for all those who stand beside you, so that they may find the fire that also burns deep within them.

This is what it means to lead. I do it firstly for myself, secondly for you. But in doing it for myself I do it just as much for you.

You are beautiful, I would want to you know that through and through.

You are powerful. I would want you to feel this feeling radiate through your whole being for days, weeks, years on end.

You are passionate and perfect. There is nobody else like you.

You are You. There is nothing else You could be.

Don’t thank me for what I’ve written. Take it and live it. Boldly reach out for support and connection. It’s all around you. Boldly lead for all those you now know and all those that are yet to come. Lead in this way and they WILL come.

I need you. The world needs you. But don’t let me fool you. The only person you need to give a s*** about that really needs you is You.

The rest will follow.

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