Robert Raphael Schwenkler

The Work

Clients work with me to access their God-selves in relationship, business, and life.

My Clients Are Seekers

They are not new to the path of personal and spiritual growth. They are men and women who have had powerful transformational experiences and grown in profound ways, yet they also know that the journey never ends – we never truly “get there”. They continually seek more depth with themselves, their truth, and their purpose.

My Clients Are Spiritual

Whether they use the word Universe, God, Spirit, or no word at all, they experience a sense of connection that extends far beyond who they are as an individual. Some identify as religious, some do not. Ultimately it’s about honoring the knowing that there is something beyond what we can cognitively quantify. My clients actively cultivate their own unique connection to that “something”.

Although many of them are high-achievers who excel at creating concrete results in their lives, they know on some level that what got them here is now holding them back. What’s next will require something different: surrender. They seek to relinquish the tendency to over-control their inner and outer worlds, and to be a channel for a greater purpose.

My Clients Are Sensitive

Some of them have spent many years suppressing or making themselves wrong for it, but the truth is that they are feelers. They are very sensitive to emotions – their own and those around them. Through our work together their sensitivity becomes the foundation for grounded, scalable, and sustainable creation in the most important areas of their lives.

What many of my clients didn’t know beforehand is that their sensitivity and emotional capacity are two of their most valuable and powerful assets.

My Clients Have Experienced Hurt

Many of my clients have experienced emotional suffering or some sort of trauma in the past. Whether their wounding was physical, sexual, or emotional in nature, the healing work that happens here is deep.

What most of them didn’t know beforehand is that their deepest wounds would become alchemized into their greatest gifts.

My Clients Are Devoted

They have given themselves over to the paths they have chosen – or rather – that have chosen them.

Sometimes this shows up as a devotion to creating a better world through their businesses. Many of my clients are coaches, healers, or entrepreneurs.

Sometimes this shows up as a devotion in their relationships. Many of my clients are either in partnership or would like to be, and here they are devoted to the path of creating deep intimacy, play, and turn on.

Ultimately devotion shows up in their moment to moment experience of life – it is the path of more presence, more aliveness, more love, and greater impact.

How Does “The Work” Work?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Past clients have called me a Coach, Change Agent, Shaman, Healer, and a Magician.

While all of these labels point to some truths, none of them adequately describe THE truth.

This work is “coaching” beyond consciousness. It is healing at the level of personal, generational, and spiritual trauma. It is expanding and deepening at the levels that our cognitive minds will never be able to access. It is depth work – rebuilding your life’s structure from the very footing and foundation.

It is often deeply emotional. It is often profoundly serene. It it always potent.

It is about reclaiming the truth of your nature – opening up your heart, body, life, relationships, and business(es) as channels to your fullest expression of the divine. This is where you reclaim who you truly are and what you are truly on this earth to do. This is where as you set yourself free you simultaneously free those around you.

It is a place that is effortless… Yet. It. Yields. Exponential. Returns.

What is the Investment?

Much of my time is spent free of charge with people in one and sometimes two-off life changing conversations. They are pro-bono and cost only the time we spend together.

Through the course of these initial conversations some of these people not only see, but feel through their whole beings the possibility that deeper work together holds for them. They know that their investment will yield exponential rewards. They know their lives will never be the same.

When this is the case we may step forward into the co-creation of not just a working relationship, but a sacred space for healing and transformation. Significant financial and energetic investment are required to enter:

Depending on the program the time investment ranges from a single day to a full year. The financial investment ranges from the mid-4 figures to $30,000. The emotional investment is a commitment to deep inner exploration and full-self ownership. The energetic investment is consistent, truth-driven action – even and especially in the face of fear and doubt.

My work with clients is ROI driven – whether quantifiable or experiential. Past clients have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled their revenue, re-ignited the passion in their relationships, reclaimed their full aliveness, and found deeper levels of inner peace.

If you’re reading this and something inside of you was touched… a part that’s been yearning for more… you will know it. Click here to reach out. We’ll connect and see how I can best support you on your path.



You’re like a white Mr. Miyagi.

[Our second session] was one of the most important conversations I have had in my life.

I am very grateful for the presence and space you gave me to feel and grow. The work you’re doing is important and amazing. I know it’s just the beginning for me and I have a ways to go but I am very much looking forward to this process and the rest of this coaching relationship with you. Thank you.

Ali Amin | Restaurant Owner


Coaching with you is awful – I hate working with you!

Why? Because it’s the most confronting work I’ve ever done in my life.

I’ve worked with lots of coaches and healers… There are very few people I’ve worked with that I feel like see me in such a deep way that I can’t escape from. Whatever mask I would typically wear with anybody else is just useless.

This has been the most healing work that I’ve ever done. The biggest thing that’s come from our work so far has been the reclamation of my voice and my power. I’m speaking up in situations that I never would have before, and attracting opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten before – because I’m speaking from such a fearless place… and still I feel like it’s just scratching the surface.

Jessica Geist | Entrepreneur

Your coaching is Jedi-like.

The way you go about things is subtle.

It’s the difference between a martial artist who’s way is to use a lot of energy and force, they’re very rigid and very raw. But when you watch a master, a 10th degree black belt, every movement follows the law of least effort. It looks subtle and effortless but the results are extremely powerful.

Rasul A. Davis, Holistic Life Coach | The Total Wellness Guy


My business has tripled over the past few months!

Will Schneider | New York’s Premier Private and Corporate Yoga Provider


You are changing my life.

I’m learning about the power, beauty and reality of my own yearning to be met in every inch I have denied in me and about the power of being met there with presence and essence.

You are a guardian of the hearts of women and a blueprint holder of masculine wholeness in vulnerability, strength, and integrity.

Mariajose Alcázar | Associate Director at Earth Care

Nabill Idrisi

Your clear vision helped save my client relationship!

I had the calls [that we had discussed] today, and they broke new ground for me. Telling my client the honest truth was one of the hardest things I did in the past few weeks, but it led to a deeper place in our conversation and relationship.

I have to thank you for your resources and you yourself as a resource. Your clear vision of the honest conversation I had to have helped save my client relationship!

Nabill Idrisi | Productivity & Wellness Coach


You model what you encourage your clients to practice.

I watched your video with our daughter, and took the opportunity to explain to her the importance of super open transparent communication. It’s cool to be able to tell her that her dad and I are working with people who practice what they preach so vulnerably and openly.

Thanks for being so committed to your work and your love to cause that ripple effect to our 8 week old daughter.

Laura and Jeremy


I’ve lost the feelings of inadequacy and fear.

All because I allowed myself to be vulnerable. I knew when I was over my head and when to seek help. I have restored confidence in my personal power and handle all situations with confidence. Even my co-workers have commented on how much more self aware and secure I seem.

Jim F. | Manager


I’ve taken massive action in my life and feel on my path.

I feel powerful. I greatly believe that I can overcome my relationship challenges. I have also reached out to multiple people who are struggling with porn addictions to help them, and have booked my first speech on the effects of porn for 400 students at a high school in Belgium.

I want to thank you for taking such a courageous and loving lead in the area of relationships. You have cast a light on what is possible for me.

Vincent v.A.

I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

I’ve never had someone really, really dedicate their full awareness in the way you do. You’re not giving me advice. You create space and it forces me to find the truest answer deep within myself.

What my life would be like if we weren’t working together? I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. My world has blossomed, there have been so many new doors opened in the last few months. It’s brought me out of my shell and opened me to re-finding myself.

You’ve helped me see that in pushing through fear there’s always something better on the other side, to not ever let that feeling hold me back from allowing new possibilities into my life.

I’m so grateful to have found you. I feel extremely blessed to be working with you.

Josh McMurtrie | The North County Photography Guy

I see you as a really powerful person.

You have an immense capacity to feel. Whether that’s to feel what’s going on inside yourself, to feel into someone else, or to encourage someone else to feel, I respect that aspect of your work and how you continually show up in the world this way.

How we feel in our bodies is how we relate to the world. You help people experience what it is like to use their bodies and intuition as their ultimate barometer in life.

Sam Hershberger | Life Coach for Extraordinary People


I don’t have to fall on my sword like I thought I had to.

I thought my dream AND I had to be sacrificed in order to maintain any semblance of integrity.

You’ve helped me realize that 1. The stories I tell myself about whether or how it will work are often completely unfounded and 2. The best thing I can do is just take action. The only reason I am where I am with Unbox Love is because I’ve taken action.

Whenever we speak you pull me out of my head and back into reality where I’m able to experience control, calm, peace, and reassurance that I have control over my life, that I’m capable of great things.

Nate Bagley | Founder of Unbox Love


Here’s my greatest desire: That all men will speak with my colleague, Robert, and then Robert passes my phone number on to the single men once they are finished working with him…

Mandy Weinberger | Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Transformational Health Coach


When I would get into conversations with my former business coaches I knew exactly what was going to happen.

I could easily come up with excuses and weave my way through the session so that I didn’t have to actually make any change.

With you I can’t hide. I can’t come up with excuses or play my way around the topic. I get on a call with you and something will come up and I’m like “Whoa. Wow. He just said that.” And it’s always so right.

Nobody else has ever said some of the things you’ve said to me. I don’t think anyone else ever would either, and that’s a good thing. It’s a sign that you really care about me.

You constantly surprise me. I don’t know what to expect when I enter a conversation with you.

Katya Sarmiento

What makes you so powerful

is that you’re willing to go there yourself, in your own life. You can only take clients as deep as you have gone. You model that which you expect from the world around you.

We’re only as sick as our darkest secret. We’ll always be running and reacting until we really face our fears.

Your magic for coaching is that you give people full permission to really look at those dark places. You’re really listening to what’s behind the words. You have the courage to go with people into the places that will give them the true freedom they’re seeking.

Julie Blake

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